Prep up your kitchen for the holidays with some cute and simple ideas

The holiday season is perfect for becoming a little inventive and putting into practice all those Pinterest décor ideas. The greatest way if decorating your kitchen in an affordable way is by using ribbons you find during this time on discounts. The large amounts of ideas you find out there must be put into practice, and becoming a little inventive is mandatory. For example, you can use hair bow ribbons for different purposes than regularly. Below you will find some ideas helping you give a little glam to your kitchen.

1. Holiday cookie jars

All your jars need a little upgrade during this period. This idea is so simple, yet effective; you will want to do this to all your jars. Simply choose a grosgrain ribbon in a colour or pattern at your preference and tie it around the necks of those cookie jars. Tie a beautiful bow, and place them on a shelf, for a larger impact. This barely requires some money, and with those huge discounts, you can stock up on ribbons even for the next year.

2. Grosgrain ribbon bow garlands for open cabinets

Open kitchen cabinets have a great visual impact, beautifully putting on display all the plates and jars you have. A great way of decorating them during the holiday season is by DIYing a ribbon garland and hanging it from your kitchen cabinets. For this little project, you are going to need ribbons in different holiday patterns and colours and tie small bows from them. On a rope at a desired length, hot glue the ribbons at your preference. Then hang the garland from the kitchen cabinets and enjoy the compliments you’ll receive.

3. A ribbon holiday wreath

A classic piece of décor during this period is the holiday wreath. You can hang it in different places, on not only the door, and it will have a great visual impact. A plain wreath, ribbons and a hot glue gun are all the supplies you will need, and the entire process will take 30 minutes, tops. Create small bows from your ribbons (black, white and gold is a great colour palette), than randomly glue them on your wreath. Then hang it in a place where you want to draw the attention.

4. Ribbon glass coasters

Small details make a great difference. On a set of simple coasters, hot glue ribbons in a spiral, starting from the centre. Preferably, chose the ribbon in a Christmassy pattern so it will match the general atmosphere around your kitchen. Trust us; you cannot go overboard with too many holiday decorations. Everybody loves them!

As you can see, prepping your kitchen for holidays is not something difficult or expensive. You can create stunning pieces of décor from scrap, only by using several supplies and the ideas you find around the web. If you are not pleased with our propositions, search around for others. Luckily, there are plenty of them!

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