Manly Kitchen Design Ideas

In the past, the kitchen was seen as a woman’s domain, a place where men entered only when they wanted to eat. But the times have changed, and now more and more men are actively involved in cooking activities, the kitchen no longer being an all-woman domain.
If you are a bachelor looking for the perfect kitchen design to have an appropriate environment in which to cook, read the following lines to get some awesome manly kitchen design ideas.

Go with black and white for style

For the tiles, the walls, the tables, chairs, and all the kitchen appliances, go with black and white, combining these two neutral colors for the ultimate manly vibe. In addition to giving the kitchen a manly look, the combination between black and white will make it look clean and modern as well, these two colors never losing their power of impact.

Marble countertops

Marble countertops are a perfect addition to any manly kitchen. While it’s true that they cost more than other types of countertops, marble countertops are the best when it comes to durability and quality, and their dark tones are the perfect match for the all black and white kitchen to further increase the masculine vibe of this room.

Display your wine collection

All men have a wine collection, and being a bachelor means that you will have a lot of guests over to have fun and share a glass of high quality wine while telling jokes and having fun. This is why you need an accessible and stylish rack to stack your wines in, putting them on full display to know where they are at all times and for your guests to decide faster on what they want to drink, the wine rack being a great decorative piece for the kitchen as well.

A large island to attract focus

Kitchen islands are mandatory not only for the fact that they increase your efficiency while cooking in the kitchen, but they make for a great place where you can serve your food, eliminating the need for a table if you put chairs on one side of the island, and they can be seen as a center piece for the kitchen as well.
If you go with the black and white combination of colors for the kitchen that we advised you to try, increase the masculine vibe of your kitchen by making the island in the same combination of color, and place it at the center of the kitchen to attract all the focus on it. Also, it’s a great place to put a decorative item like a plant, for example, this way livening up the whole space.

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