Make your children more responsible by teaching them to care for pets

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Teaching your children to care for pets makes them more responsible and empathetic to the needs of those around them. 

Adopting a pet is the perfect way to teach your kids about responsibilities because they’ll have to take care of the pet, feed it, clean after it, and ensure it stays active. However, you must ensure that you adopt an age-appropriate pet, so your child has no issues in caring for it. If your child is younger than 5 they won’t be able to care for a large dog, so you could adopt a kitten, tortoise, or guinea pig. Kids younger than 5 are still learning the basics themselves, so trying to teach them to care for a pet could be too much. 

For younger kids

You might already have a family pet your child spends time with and knows all its routines. Now it’s time to explain their routines so they can feed, clean after it, and play with it as part of their new responsibilities. It would help if you even took your children with you when you brought the pet to the kennel so they could learn about the process. Before assigning your kids new tasks, ensure they can do them without harming themselves or the pet. Asking a child younger than 5 to clean a cat’s litter box is dangerous because they put their fingers inside their mouths and touch their faces a lot. Therefore, it’s a better job for older child who understands the risks and protects themselves. However, you can ask a younger child to give the family pet fresh water daily. 

When you ask a younger child to care for a pet, ensure you don’t overwhelm them at once, but add new tasks gradually to their schedule. Don’t ask your child to take the dog to the hundefrisør, but instead, ask them to accompany you so they can understand what the process implies. 

For older children

If you have an older kid who wants their own pet, you should discuss their responsibilities before adopting the pet. Explain to them that pets are not toys and they cannot stop caring, feeding, or providing them with attention one day because they just got bored. When your child is away from home for a school trip, you can take the pet to a hundepensjonat so that professional care for them. 

Children older than 6 can pick their own pet, no matter if they prefer a cat, dog, tortoise, exotic bird, or rodent. However, before visiting the local pet shelter, research together to find out what the pet’s particular needs are. Ask the kid to read all the information and share it with you. Take note of their willingness because it tells you how dedicated they’re to the job. 

Again, make sure that you don’t give your child a task they cannot complete because it can trigger feelings of frustration and taint their relationship with the pet. The pet should always be a source of joy, and the children should be enthusiastic about caring for them.         


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