Kitchen extension design - benefits of installing a log burner

Building a kitchen extension, and creating an open floor plan between your dining room and your cooking area can certainly boost the aesthetics of your interior design. However, when you are expanding the premises, you will need to focus on creating a functional and visually pleasant space, and for that to be possible, including the right elements is a must. One addition you should consider is a log burner. This type of element, although it usually works better for living rooms, can bring you quite a few benefits. Here is why a wood burner makes such a great investment: 

Visual appeal

Let’s start with the most obvious factor that needs to be mentioned and that is the aesthetical upgrade this addition will give to the space. It only takes seeing a few photos of log burners inserted in different types of interior designs to conclude just how much this element can contribute to the general visual appeal of the place. Because your kitchen extension should be not only practical for you to use, but stylish and modern, incorporating the right interior design elements is a must, and there’s nothing that looks better in a dining area than a wood fireplace. And considering the wide selection of styles you can access, you will find an option that suits your taste perfectly.

Heat output

The most appreciated feature of a wood burner is of course its heat output capacity. Once you are building an extension, you will also need to keep temperature balanced across a more extensive floor plan, so you will need to resort to an efficient heating system. With a wood fireplace, you will be getting a powerful heat source, so you can keep the area warm and comfortable at all times. Its design will facilitate a quick and effective temperature control, and you can choose a size that is adequate for the dimensions of your new kitchen and dining area.

Energy efficiency

With a log burner in your home, you will also be benefiting from lower utility costs. Because it doesn’t rely on electricity to function, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption and thus, save money in the long run. The wood, which is used as fuel, is much more affordable than electricity, so while your home remains as warm as you want it, you won’t have to worry about your energy consumption causing you high expenses.

As you can see, there are a few relevant details that make an investment in a wood burner worth it. Because you should be making the right choices when you are designing your open plan kitchen dining room, being informed on the topic is necessary. Now that you know a few benefits of incorporating this type of element, you might give it more of your consideration. Keep in mind, however, that there are various models available on the market, so decide on an option that suits your needs best. Remember to opt for quality first.

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