Kitchen Design Ideas You Have To Know About

Kitchens are an essential part of our homes. It is the core area of our house, where all the working takes place. A kitchen is always in use. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the most important room of the house. A kitchen is where all the meals are prepared and eaten. The family and guests often socialize in the kitchen and cook together.

An ideal kitchen should be neat and clean and easy on the eyes with a usable and practical design. The design of the kitchen matters the most. This is because people spend a lot of time in their kitchen and they should be comfortable in it. Your kitchen should represent your personal style. Click here for beautiful ribbons: There are a lot of beautiful kitchen designs available in the market. If you are thinking to change the design of your current kitchen or you are looking for some renovating, you must consider the following trendy kitchen designs.

  1. Artful Touch

Designed by Erin Martin, Artful Touch is a kitchen design to die for. It has gorgeous architectural design to it. It has a theatrical feel to it. It has a mixture of white and brown hues. The walls have a beautiful texture of navy blue over white.

  1. Classic White

Designer Caitlin Wilson designed this kitchen very elegantly. Its classic white shelves and light grey walls lets light in. Warm colored floors beautifully compliment the classic white kitchen.

  1. French Style

This European inspired kitchen is designed by Ellen Niven. Her lightly colored Belgian cupboards elegantly compliment the bright colors of the house. This subtle contrasted kitchen will work for anyone who likes beautiful kitchens.

  1. Zen

This kitchen encapsulates the simplicity of Zen.  Inspired by Japanese storage pieces, this kitchen has handcrafted wood cabinets. The design of this kitchen is overall very simple and beautiful. It was designed by Marguerite Rodgers. He said “When you arrive, you open a gate and walk through a courtyard to get to this very compact one-story house, where all the rooms flow into each other, the spirit of the place reminded me of a Japanese teahouse.

  1. Warm and Modern

Designed by Elena Frampton, warm and modern is a New York city kitchen. The warm colors and refined wooden texture perfectly blends with the modern theme. Sleek and polished wooden finish gives a very sophisticated look to this kitchen.

  1. Moroccan Influence

This design has open shelves to display your finest crockery. With light blue hues and a mix of white, it symbolizes peace and serenity. Designed by Martin Horner, Moroccan influence is the perfect kitchen one can have. With long shelves and open cabinets, Moroccan influence is also quite practical.

These kitchen styles have received the most admiration from people. They take inspiration from these designs to renovate theirs. These designs are a perfect blend of art with practicality. Adding these designs to your home will be a great decision.

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