How to Choose a Reliable Dishwasher

Buying a dishwasher can prove to be a hard task if you aren’t well informed on what you must look for to find a reliable quality unit that can last you for years and that can do a great job at washing your dishes. Therefore, don’t head to the store unprepared, but rather read the following lines to first find out how to choose a reliable unit to know what you have to do.

Evaluate your needs to choose the right capacity

The first thing that you need to consider when buying a dishwasher is what type of unit you need and what capacity the dishwasher should have to fit all your dishes without any problems.

There are four types of dishwashers that you can choose from that include compact dishwashers, portable/countertop dishwashers, built-in standard dishwashers, and drawer dishwashers, and you have to choose which is the most appropriate for you depending on the available space you have in the kitchen for the unit and which one would be easier for you to use, serving you for the purpose you have in mind for it.

The basic capacities of dishwashers are the compact capacity that can fit up to eight five-piece plate settings, the standard capacity that can fit up to twelve five-piece settings, and the tall tub capacity that can fit up to fourteen five-piece plate settings, and the choice must be done after considering how big is your usual load of dirty dishes everyday.

Look for an energy-efficient unit

You must look for a dishwasher that is energy efficient not only to protect the environment, but to reduce the amount of money you spend on the energy bill as well. The two things that you must look for to ensure that the unit you are interested in is truly energy efficient are the EnergyStar label, which is a rating system that recommends units that save energy without sacrificing important features, and the CEE rating, the units that are classified as CEE Tier One being the most energy efficient dishwashers on the market.

Important features and settings to look for

With modern dishwashers, it’s all about the settings and features the unit comes with, these aspects making a certain model more useful and reliable. Or course, the market is constantly changing and the best dishwasher in 2016 will probably have way more innovative features than this year’s dishwashers. While features may always improve, there are a few options that every quality dishwasher should have.

The wash and rinse cycles have improved, many modern dishwashers having advanced settings that you can use to sanitize 99.9% of the bacteria that resides on your dishes, this cycle coming in handy for those who don’t want to pass on their cold and for those who have small infants. Other useful wash and rinse cycles include energy efficient cycles that save you a lot of money and time, and the steam cycles that eliminate the need for pre-washing.

If you don’t like to waste time, or you know you will most probably need to use the dishes after you get them out of the dishwasher very often, you should look for a unit that has options for drying your dishes as well. Don’t worry about this option consuming a lot of energy, because most of them give you the possibility of choosing between drying the dishes with heat or without, therefore you aren’t forced into using heat unless you’re in a hurry.

Other important features and settings that you must look for to have a quality dishwasher at your disposal are the delayed start, noise insulation, adjustable racks, and food disposal.

Pay attention to the tub material

Most manufacturers are including stainless steel tubs for their products, and this is due to the fact that dishwashers with stainless steel tubs tend to make a lot less noise, and they are more durable. This is precisely the reason why they are more expensive than the models that have plastic tubs, but if you want a truly reliable unit, you have to invest money in it.

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