Guide to Buying a Quality Food Processor

Food processors are useful in a variety of cooking processes like chopping, slicing, mixing, or shredding the ingredients. This increased versatility makes them some of the most popular appliances in the kitchen of those who want to make cooking fast and easy, but also makes it hard for you to decide over a certain model. If you are in need of a food processor and you are not sure how to choose one, read this helpful guide to buying a quality food processor.


The usual capacity of a food processor varies between 7 to 16 cups of dry ingredients and choosing the one for you must be based on your cooking needs. If you need to cook for a regular size family, you will be just fine with a food processor that hold 7 cups, but if you have a large family and you cook large amounts of food, you will want to go for a larger version. However, a larger capacity means a higher price and more counter space, so you should also have this in mind when you choose your food processor.


Most of the food processors available on the market only have two settings which are On/Off and Pulse. While the first one makes the machine run continuously, the second one runs the processor in short bursts of power that offer you a precise mixing and cutting. Some more advanced models can have additional speeds, like one kneading dough, but this doesn’t make them more efficient. You will enjoy a great performance from a food processor with an On/Off and a Pulse speed.

Feed-tube size

The feed tube is the long part on the top of the unit where you insert the ingredients and if you want your food processor to really make your job easier, you must look for one with a large feed tube. This way, you won’t have to cut the ingredients in small slices and you can even insert them whole.

Noise level

The more silent units are more expensive because they include higher quality components and more advanced technologies. This involves a higher price as well, but you will appreciate a silent unit that will allow you to prepare a smoothie in the morning when your family is asleep.


The more accessories the food processor has, the better because it will offer you a wide range of use possibilities. The shredding and sliding disk is a standard accessory, but the more high-end versions come with a juicer attachment, a blunt dough blade for excellent kneading, a maximum capacity line so you will know when to stop filling the mixing bowl, or even a storage case.

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