Even as a busy dog owner, you can still look after your furry friend

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Owning a dog requires responsibility, that’s for sure. But what if you are a busy person and feel like you don’t have enough time for your furry friend? Does it mean you have to give it up? That’s probably not what you want, but since your life is hectic, this may sometimes seem like the only alternative. But that’s not the case! You can still care for your dog even if your schedule is filled with numerous activities. Read on to learn how.

Address your dog’s needs

Like humans, dogs have basic needs, like healthcare, exercise, a balanced diet and affection. Thus, make sure to meet these needs regularly. Schedule a day for grooming, pick healthy foods, and take your dog to dyreklinikk nittedal for routine treatments like vaccinations and regular tests. Since your dog needs to stay active – and you need it too- why not exercise together? You can walk your dog for a few minutes in the morning – this will benefit both of you.  

Set aside time for bonding

Dogs are social beings – they need a lot of love and attention! Thus, you should set aside some time for bonding. When you have a busy schedule, it may be helpful to know that quality, not quantity, is what truly matters. Spending 10 minutes every day doing something exciting with your furry friend is better than ignoring him almost all the time! Make sure to include your dog in your activities – even if that means doing chores with him next to you.

Consider dog daycare

Dog daycare may not be suitable for all dogs, but it’s worth giving it a try. Look for a reputable hundebarnehage that can take care of your dog by providing daily meals and ensuring socialization and play. That way, you can go to work without worrying that your dog may get bored and instead be assured that it will have a lot of fun throughout the day.

Take your dog to the office

If you’d rather spend more time with your dog than leave it at a kennel Gardermoen, consider taking it with you at work. Dogs are known to increase productivity in the workplace, so if your boss agrees, the presence of a pet at the office may actually benefit everyone. However, it’s essential to keep a balance – while you don’t want to neglect your dog, it’s also imperative to stay focused on your work. Consider scheduling breaks where you take your dog outside to get some fresh air.

Should you get a dog if you’re a busy person?

If you think you can still make time for your dog even if your schedule is full, then yes – you should get a dog if that’s what you desire. However, there are alternatives for those who love pets but can barely find time to relax. For example, you can consider volunteering at an animal shelter and walking a dog for an hour or pet-sit your friends’ dog. Even if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to get a dog, it’s still possible to enjoy canine companionship.




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