Cleaning tips for men to make their lives easier

It is generally known that most men are not quite into house cleaning activities and this is why most of the times their houses look like after a hurricane has been there. There is no excuse for living in an untidy house, so if you got tired of never finding your clothes or stepping into something sharp every morning when you get out of bed, it is time to take some action and start cleaning your house. Do some research online and look for the best stores that provide cleaning products. You can start with websites such as Here are some useful tips to help you in this process.

Establish a cleaning routine

If you want to maintain your place clean as longer as possible, the secret is to split the job into several smaller daily or weekly activities. This will make the process seem less complicated and not as time-consuming as you might have thought in the beginning. Many men do not clean their houses for weeks and when they finally realize they cannot find their keys or their favourite tee, they have to spend an entire weekend digging themselves out from under that mess. Others feel completely discouraged and overwhelmed with the situation that they leave everything just the way it is, so the mess grows even bigger. The secret is to establish a routine and actually to stick to it, because it will make everything seem a lot easier.

The daily routine

As far as the daily routine is concerned, there are some simple, yet highly important activities men need to do in order to maintain their house spotless. It is recommended to invest nearly 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening for this cleaning routine. The activities that should be done in the morning are making the bed, spraying down the shower with certain products meant to keep it cleaner, wiping down both counter and bathroom sink with some disposable wipes, as well as the kitchen counters and stove after you are done with breakfast. All these activities take no more than 10 minutes and you are ready to go to work. In the evening, wipe down kitchen counters again after dinner, spot vacuum, load dishwasher or clean the dishes by hand and put away the clutter you find around the house.

The weekly routine

Over the week, establish a specific cleaning activity to do for each day. For instance, reserve your Mondays to dust, Tuesdays to scrub toilers, bathroom sinks and the shower, Wednesdays to mop and vacuum, Thursdays to clean windows and mirrors, Fridays to clean out any leftovers and clean the fridge, the microwave and the kitchen sink and Saturdays to change and wash your bed sheets.

As you can see, these are some simple, yet useful tips and tricks you can apply in order to have your house clean every day. You will see that you will feel more comfortable living in a clean and healthy home, not to mention the rewarding feelings you get when arriving home from work and seeing everything spotless.

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