Adaptive fashion for the disabled - What is best to wear?

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Disabled people deserve all the best, including stylish clothing. And fortunately, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers have started considering this aspect. Adaptive fashion that meets the needs of wheelchair users or other disabled people is now available, so if you deal with such a medical condition, you can find clothes that are both fashionable and suitable for your needs.

The secret to satisfying disabled clients is options, as fewer options lead to more barriers. So, let us see what fashion options individuals with disabilities have.


Shoes without laces

Because there is always a why behind a what, some disabled people cannot tie their shoes because of some sort of muscular dystrophy. That is why developing shoes without laces for individuals with disabilities have become a real concern. Major brands like Nike have taken action and thus created a sneaker designed with the disabled’s needs in mind – Go FlyEase. Due to the hinge design, these shoes allow people to step into them and have their feet in place. This design is universal, as anyone can use them.

Nonetheless, if slipping on a pair of shoes is a burden, and you think you need help in this sense, you may want to consider a brukerstyrt personlig assistant (BPA). These services enable people with disabilities to be more independent regarding their choices and do tasks that otherwise seem anxiety-inducing. Some of these tasks include going shopping and dressing, cooking and housework, and participating in social activities.

BPA Oslo, for example, provides the disabled with the chance of being in total control of their lives and puts professional, certified assistants at their disposal.

Magnets, not buttons

Clothing with a magnet-based hanging-up system is much more suitable for disabled people. Magnetic zippers, for example, are a go-to option for many individuals dealing with a disability in one form or another, as they make it more accessible to do up one-handed. Some popular brands like Under Armour have embraced the idea of magnets on clothes and thus replaced buttons if the case. MagZip is an emblematic jacket based on this concept, but there are many more clothes to appear, including pants, shirts, and other garments in preference to buttons.

If constantly having trouble dressing, consider BPA services. Apart from helping you with daily activities, user-controlled assistants can enhance your social presence.

Dresses designed in two pieces

Author and designer Jay Calderin once donated a party dress to the Fashion and Textiles Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum. What was so particular about that dress? Apart from looking great and being stylish, it is made up of two pieces, so it is more straightforward to put on by someone in a wheelchair. Disabled people have long looked for options regarding clothing and inclusion, and now it seems they finally receive what they deserve. Designers like Calderin responded to their very needs, as well as to the different abilities and bodies, and proceeded to develop clothing pieces accordingly. Fortunately, many more designers and fashion retailers seem to follow his example.


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