5 Ways to Warm Up a Cold Kitchen

One of the rooms in which we spend a lot of time is definitely the kitchen, being the place where we cook, we eat, and where we serve our morning coffee. Therefore, this room must be warmed up during the cold months of the year to not get a cold after spending time in it, just like all the other rooms of the house.
If you want to know what are your best options for warming up the kitchen when the temperatures drop and it gets cold in it, read the following lines to find out.

1. Electric floor heat

No matter if you have tile flooring or laminate flooring in your kitchen, with the small scale retrofit project of installing electric floor heaters you will not only have a warmer surface to walk on, but you will have a warmer kitchen as well. This type of heating will require you to call in a professional to install the wires and make the connections, but it’s a reasonable choice to go with when it comes to the cost, and one that is extremely efficient as well.

2. Infrared heater

A great solution for warming up not only the kitchen but any other room of the house is the infrared heater, and one of the best models on the market that is guaranteed to give great results is the Dr. Infrared Heater DR 998 that you can have for the price of $150.
In this dr 998 infrared heater review, the people from bestheater.reviews rate this heater as excellent, recommending it as one of the best heaters of the moment.Given the fact that this heater is recommended by experts and customers alike, we consider it to be a great choice. It’s appropriate for rooms that have the maximum size of 1000 square feet, being ideal for any kitchen, due to the fact that it only weighs 23,38 pounds it’s easy to move it from room to room if you need it in another place after warming up the kitchen, it has 3 heat settings that you can choose from. We also like the fact that it has an integrated humidistat, which is great in the winter when the indoor air is very dry. Unlike most infrared heaters which just heat the objects in their range, this heater also heats the atmosphere and it uses its oscillation feature to evenly distribute the warmth.

3. Turn on the stove

Turning on the stove might be an inefficient method of warming up the kitchen during the cold months of the year if you think about how much money you will pay on the gas bills, but it’s very efficient when it comes to heating up the room, therefore you can choose it if you don’t have room for an infrared heater or you don’t want to make any changes to the kitchen itself to try another heating method.

4. Radiant ceiling panels

Radians ceiling panels are inch-thick panels that you mount on the ceiling for them to provide heat for the entire kitchen from above. It’s an energy efficient option that is very discreet as well, and these panels are able to heat up the room in no more than 5 minutes for up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
The radiant ceiling panels are usually textured, and some can even be painted, therefore you can match them with the design of the kitchen, and they are easy to install, not needing a professional to come and do it because they are either directly screwed to the ceiling, or installed in a suspended ceiling grid.

5. Use the ceiling fan

If you have a ceiling fan in the kitchen, you can use it as an year-round solution to set the perfect temperatures in the kitchen. This way, if you want to warm the space up during winter, simply set the ceiling fan’s blades to rotate clockwise, creating a warm breeze to make the perfect environment, and during the hot summer days you can set the blades to rotate counter-clockwise for them to create a cool breeze that will make the temperature drop to normal levels.

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