The Effects of Hard Water on Your Kitchen Appliances

Hard water is not only bad for the plumbing and for our own health, but it does great damage to the beloved kitchen appliances as well. Therefore, measures must be taken to protect them against this harmful water.
In the following lines we will cover the effects that hard water has on your kitchen appliances for you to better understand the importance of finding solutions to combat it.

The effects of hard water on the kitchen appliances

Hard water has high levels of mineral salts, especially magnesium and calcium ions, which are unfortunately to blame for the decreased performance of kitchen appliances. This is due to the fact that when hard water is heated the minerals encrust themselves onto items like mineral deposits because they precipitate out of water.
The main kitchen appliances that have most to suffer from the harmful effects of hard water are the dishwasher, the coffee maker, and the ice machine.
The performance of your dishwasher will be considerably decreased due to the effects of hard water, the dishes that you put in the unit to clean coming out spotty. When it comes to the coffee machine and the ice maker, because these kitchen appliances are designed for water to flow through them in order to operate, they are the first casualties of hard water, not only the quality of the coffee and ice being dramatically decreased, but the appliances themselves being damaged to the point where they have to be thrown away.

Effective solutions to combat hard water

Instead of going with who knows what water softener that won’t do the best job at fixing your hard water problem, you should buy the Aquasana EQ-300-SOFT whole house water filter with softener for the price of $2500. This whole house water filter with softener won’t only soften the hard water, but it will filter it of all the contaminants that lurk in it as well, and it will resolving your water related problems for the entire house due to the fact that it’s a whole house filtration system.
The reason why we recommend this product instead of recommending that you buy a water softener is that if you have problems with hard water, you definitely have problems with contaminants, and this is the best solution to not only keep your kitchen appliances in a good shape for a longer time, but to keep your plumbing and your own health safe from dangerous contaminants as well.

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