Simple Cooking Tips for Men

Do you want to learn some interesting cooking techniques so that you can impress your family and friends with your cooking skills? Then make sure to follow these easy tips. Cooking is an art, but everyone can do it. All you need is some patience and time. Here are some simple cooking tips that will help you become a professional.

How to cook a steak as in the restaurant

Do you want to enjoy a juicy and tasty steak at home? Learn how to cook like a professional chef. Here are a few tricks from the best chef in the area:
Leave the meat come to room temperature before you cook it. This will allow the meat to cook more evenly and much better. Do not put oil on grilled meat. If it’s a good quality meat, it has enough fat to cook perfectly. In addition, the oil burns and changes its flavor.
Use simple spices. Kosher salt is the best. If you want, you can put pepper, but only after you cook the meat.

Cooking rice

It’s not hard to cook perfect rice. On the contrary. If you keep in mind some tricks, you can enjoy a delicious meal in a fast time.You need a cup full of rice. It is enough for 4 people. Pour the rice in a pot. Then put two cups filled with rice over boiling water and salt. Put it to boil for 8-10 minutes at high heat with lid on. If you want to make it more colorful or flavorful, it’s as simple: add the spices in the water in which you boil the rice. You can use saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, depending on the recipe you’re planning to make.

Make healthy and delicious salad dressings

If you are tired of the classic dressings that consist of a mixture of salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, you need to use these simple tricks. Tasty dressings or homemade salad sauces are the best option. Compared with the already prepared and packed salad dressings which you find at the store, homemade dressing do not have so much fat, calories or salt.

How to make the best barbecue sauce

Want to be declared the “King of steaks” this year? Then make sure to use flavorful spices and fresh ingredients when cooking on the grill. Before using the grill, be sure to clean it very well; then you need to grease the grill (if you want all the ingredients to stop from sticking onto the grilling grates, use oil or extra fat from meat to grease the bars), season the meat and let the smoke cover the ingredients. If you want to make delicious barbecue recipes, consider using a gas grill because it’s easier to use and it gives you the option to cook delicate meats, such as chicken and fish without getting that distinctive smokey flavor.

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