Meal Planning Tips for Single Dads

Raising a child as a single dad may be hard but not impossible if you master some tips and tricks that can help you get along with your child. And since meal time is not a man’s favorite, you will need some tips that will make it easier, more interesting and more appealing. We come to your help with some meal planning tips for single dads that will guarantee a successful meal.

Ask the kids’ opinion

When you are making dinner, it’s very important to ask the kids what they would like to eat for dinner so they will be thrilled about eating. If your child doesn’t like a specific food, forcing them to eat it is not the solution that will make them enjoy their meal. Asking their opinion when choosing the meal menu will make them more excited about eating and you will have no problem with convincing them to eat.

Take baby steps

If you are not an experimented cook and you will jump into making quiches and souffle for the first time, chances are you will be disappointed and you will hate cooking. But if you will start with easy recipes that can be made in little time using either the microwave, the toaster oven or the slow cooker, you will soon become a cooking enthusiast.

Make a groceries list

Another great meal planning tip is to make a list of all the things you have to buy before starting to prepare the meal. Unlike women who are more inventive when it comes to making food, men need a specific recipe and clear indications when it comes to preparing food. A great idea is to take the kids with you when you shop for the ingredients you will be using to prepare the meal. This way, they will get excited about eating and they will be curious to discover how you turn those plain ingredients into nice-looking and delicious dishes.

Include the kids in the cooking process

Kids love learning new things and are more interested in something when they participate in it instead of just receiving the final result. The same thing happens with the food so it’s a good tip to include the little ones in the food making process. They can simply assist you while you prepare the meal or they can even be a part of it by performing simple and easy tasks like peeling some of the ingredients or mixing them in a bowl. If the child is old enough, they can even prepare an easy meal under your surveillance.

Arrange food in funny ways

As a single dad, you probably know how hard it is to convince the little ones to eat all their food and behave during the meal. You can solve this issue with a fun arrangement of the food that will attract the kids and will keep them busy while eating. You can practice your skills by creating figurines out of food and turning a regular meal into a real work of art.

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