How to Stack Your Refrigerator when You Are a Single Guy

Being a single guy might have it’s perks, but when it comes to keeping the house clean and everything organized, it gets tough.
What all bachelors definitely have in common is a badly organized refrigerator, therefore if you are single and you want to finally have order in it, read the following lines to learn how to properly stack your refrigerator.


It’s obvious that in the freezer you store frozen foods and foods that you later want to use, and the best way to stack them is by packing them in plastic containers and organizing as best as you can to optimize the storage and save energy.
The foods that go into the freezer are ice, frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, meat, stock, pasta sauce, eggs, tortillas, and even bread, because if you store the bread in the refrigerator it will dry out, a thing that doesn’t happen if you put it in the freezer. In addition, you can keep it there for up to three months.


Being the warmest parts of the refrigerator mostly due to the fact that they’re opened often, in the doors you have to stack foods that are the most resistant to spoiling like condiments and juices for example, and avoid doing the mistake that most people do, storing dairy products and eggs in them.


In the upper shelves, due to the fact that they have the most consistent temperatures, stack foods like drinks, deli meats, leftovers, herbs, and certain fruits like berries, for example.
In the lower shelves of the refrigerator, which are the ones with the coldest temperatures, store food products like raw meat that you keep in the original packing or you pack yourself and put on a plate for it to not drip blood on the shelf, seafood, dairy products, and eggs.

Crisper drawers

Crisper drawers maintain moist conditions, which makes them ideal for storing vegetables and fruits in them, but don’t make the mistake of mixing these products together because they eliminate different chemicals and smells that tend to make them rot. Instead, it’s better to use one of the crisper drawers for vegetables, and the other one for fruits, avoiding having this problem by organizing them this way.

Keep a shelf clear for cooked and prepared foods

Last but not least, all the cooked and prepared foods must have a shelf of their own, therefore make sure to always have one clear for them to optimize the stacking. The best option would be to free up one of the lower shelves, because the cold temperatures will keep them fresh for a longer time, and you’ll have easy access to them as well.

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