How to Grow a Vertical Herb Garden in the Kitchen

Whether you are short on space, or you live in an area where there’s always very cold outside, and no direct sunlight, then you should consider creating an indoor garden. A vertical herb garden is a practical solution for a gardener or a cooking enthusiast that wants to have access to fresh herbs at all times, regardless of the season. Below, you can find some ideas and tips that you can draw inspiration from, so let’s get started.

Light is essential

When growing herbs indoors, light is key because generally speaking, small plants such as herbs need direct sunlight so if you live in a cold climate, you might want to store your herbs neat an unobstructed, east-facing window. Although this is the easiest solution, positioning a grow light over your herbs is far more convenient because you make they are are receiving adequate light.

Create an upside down garden

In order to have easy access you can create an upside-down herb garden. This is a fun yet practical idea that is easy to create. You only need some basic items, such as a container, some pieces of fabrics and of course, the soil and the herb. Choose a suitable container, preferably one that is made of plastic or metal and drill a 1 inch hole into the bottom. If the container is very small, you need to drill smaller holes. Before placing your herb, place a small piece of landscaping fabric or a coffee filter into the bottom of the container to prevent soil from from washing out through the whole while watering. Carefully place the plant through the whole and start filling the container with soil until you reach an inch from its rim and then it’s ready to be hang upside down.

Use tins or glass jars

If you want to be more creative or recycle some food containers that you have at home, you can use tins or glass jars as pots for your herbs. Herbs are not very needy, and they can develop properly even in metal or tin cans. However, when using tins as containers you need to add drainage holes so that the water can drain while for mason jars it’s recommended to add rocks to the bottom if you are not able to create drainage holes.

Create a garden wall

Herbs do not require a lot of maintenance work, so they are the best candidates for a vertical garden. When creating a vertical herb wall, make sure that you can remove every container so that you can water the herbs regularly or change the soil. Simply start by building a frame out of wood and then hang it on the wall. Then you can attach your herb containers onto the wall.

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