Clear signs your boiler needs immediate repairs

The number of people who have decided to install boilers in their homes has significantly increased in the past years and it is considered a very good investment for the long-term. The reason is simple: it comes with a series of benefits such as being more energy efficient compared to other heating systems and heating the room more evenly than air heaters for instance. What is more, the number of companies that provide boiler installation services and repair services has also increased. Here are some clear signs it is time to look for a company to have your boiler repaired.

Leaking water

A clear sign that your boiler needs immediate repairs is leaking water. You should know that such leaks can appear nearly everywhere along the boiler system, but the most common places where they can spring up are along the fittings or seals in the system’s pipes or the central unit. It is recommended to do some regular check-ups every once in a while to make sure you notice the leak before it damages your boiler too much. You should know that those puddles of water or even dripping water could damage your house, so it is mandatory to resort to professional services as soon as you notice the problem.

Strange noises

Another clear sign that it is time to call for specialists and have your boiler checked is strange noises. Usually, these noises indicate mineral build-up in your boiler, which is related to water pressure. Another possible reason for the appearance of these noises could be some components that are under strain and are not doing their job properly. You should check the boiler thoroughly and see where the noises come from and even how often they are heard, but do not try to fix the boiler system yourself, especially if you do not have any knowledge in the domain. Call for an expert and tell them where you think the noises come from.

Slow heating

It might happen for the boiler to take longer to heat up the house than usual, which is another sign that you should do some research on the internet and look for a specialist in this domain. In such case, the main cause for this to happen could be something related to the burners of the system or it could indicate that there are some mineral deposits that have built up inside the system, thus creating an insulating layer that prevents water reaching the burners. No matter what the real cause might be, it is very important to correct the problem as soon as possible in order to avoid getting it any more serious.

Metallic odour

Over time, your boiler will wear and tear off and one common problem you might encounter with this heating system is related to strong metallic odour. In case you notice such a smell coming from the boiler, it is mandatory to have it checked and repaired immediately. The smell might come from oil or gas leaking for instance and it could affect your health and the health of other family members within the house.

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